This breakthrough treatment is now available at Glass Skin. Exosome therapy is one of the most exciting treatments in the medical and aesthetic world today. Dr. Dev Patel introduced Exosome therapy in 2020, representing the forefront of innovation. Exosomes, the signaling messengers from stem cells, offer numerous potential benefits and applications, particularly for skin health. Skin health sees overall improvement with exosome therapy, exclusively sourced from plants (EXO|E) and salmon (E-50) due to non-compliance of human-sourced exosomes with EU cosmetic product regulations.

We only utilize exosome brands approved for cosmetic purposes (CE marked) with substantial clinical evidence supporting their effectiveness, even topically. Applications cover various skin concerns such as pigmentation, skin laxity, dullness, lines & wrinkles, scarring, acne, dermatitis like eczema, rosacea, other inflammatory conditions like lichen simplex and psoriasis, as well as hair thinning/loss in both males and females.

(Please note: there may only be anecdotal or other limited evidence for exosome therapy in some of the above conditions. However, research in a multitude of conditions has shown very promising results).

Ideally 3-5 treatments are required, but this does depend on your individual circumstances, treatment goals and expectations. If used in combination with another treatments, then even one session can be very useful. Our consultation process will allow you to get a better idea of what may be best for you.


Face, Neck & Chest One session


Scalp One session


Face, Neck & Chest course of 5


Scalp Course of 5



Our chance to plan your treatment and answer any questions. here, we will also administer anesthetic if appropriate and go through your medical and consent forms.


15- 30 minutes treatment time


Sensitivity period of one our with a full recovery after 12 hours (in most cases), Some possible bruising, redness and mild swelling.


Some immediate results. Full collagen induction and final improvements shown at 6 weeks post treatment.

Comfort Level

Minimal discomfort, Topical anaesthetic where required.