Full Facial Balancing and Rejuvenation

The full facial rejuvenation, also known as the liquid facelift, is a highly sought-after treatment at our clinic. Each face ages uniquely, but there are common patterns such as mid-face volume loss and nasolabial fat pad hypertrophy. Our award-nominated practitioner works to personalize the treatment to address specific areas on your face, using dermal fillers to create a refreshed and youthful look. The procedure is quick, taking 30-40 minutes, with minimal discomfort reported by most patients due to our gentle approach.

At Glass Skin, we employ advanced microcannula and invisible needle methods to reduce bruising and swelling risks in treatments. This ensures precise filler delivery, minimal downtime, and enhanced patient comfort throughout the procedure.



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Our chance to plan your treatment and answer any questions. here, we will also administer anesthetic if appropriate and go through your medical and consent forms.


The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes.


The majority of people require no downtime following these procedures and can return to work and normal activities the same day. Some minimal swelling and bruising may occur, lasting a few days.


Results are seen immediately after treatment, with further improvements over 7 days as the filler integrates and hydrates the area. Results can be expected to last 8-12 months, sometimes longer.

Comfort Level

 Topical local anaesthetic cream is applied 15 minutes prior to starting.

As a result there is very little discomfort.