Plasma Fibroblast Prices


Upper Eyelids


Lower Eyelids


Full Face








Jawline (Inc Jowls)



from £350


09:00 - 18:00


Lip Flip / Lift




Breast Lift


Brow Lift



Frown Lines


Crows Feet


Upper Lift plus NLF


Ear Wrinkles


Forehead Wrinkles

from £190

Stretch Marks

from £350

Pore Refinement

from £190


Moles Dr certificate mandatory

£55 Per lesion


£100 per area

Cherry Angioma

£55 per lesion

Keloid Scars Typical Scars

From £55

Priced on size

Age/liver spots

£55 per patch/lesion

Xanthelasma Cholesterol Deposits

£100 per area

Skin Tags

£50 per lesion


Our chance to plan your treatment and answer any questions. here, we will also administer anesthetic if appropriate and go through your medical and consent forms.


On average, we expect one session of Fibroblast to take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Having said this, the duration of your particular treatment can vary depending on the size of the treatment area. For best results, 2-3 sessions may be recommended after your initial session - these are typically spaced up to 12 weeks apart.


There is no medically-decreed downtime associated with Fibroblast, however, the skin will need to replenish and we estimate the average recovery period to take around 7 days. This will, of course, vary depending on the size of the treatment area.

During this time, you can resume regular activities in line with the advice given by your practitioner, who will provide you with aftercare recommendations. It is important to try not to remove or scratch at the carbon crusts, and patients should avoid sports or swimming during this time also.


Fibroblast is currently one of the quickest and most effective ways to smooth out any areas of the face or body which have been subject to fine lines, wrinkles and/or sagging. It can even make light work of erasing things such as skin tags, moles, uneven pigmentation, age spots and sun spots.

Lesion removal results will be instant. Tighting results will start to be visible around week 6 post treatment.

Comfort Level

Treatment is entirely non-surgical. The majority of patients claim that there is absolutely no pain during treatment, however some more sensitive skin-types may report 'minimal discomfort'. All patients are treated with a powerful, topical anaesthetic before undergoing Fibroblast, and therefore the area being treated is thoroughly numbed beforehand.

Lesion & Spot Removal Including Cholesterol Growths from £55

Discounts Available When Combining Areas - Subject To Consultation